East of Easel Polyphonic Synthesizer for VCV Rack 2.0

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East of Easel is a fully modular polysynth that joins West Coast complexities with East Coast commodities.

East of Easel has a rich selection of modulation and sound sources from striking envelopes to a clean, screaming filter. Sporting dual complex oscillators, wave folders, low pass gates, delays (with reverse feedback), and loopable ADSR envelopes, East of Easel is a sound design dream in and of itself, but it is also designed to easily bring your favorite modules together into its signal path. Each wave folder has a dedicated input as well as a mix knob to allow for continuous blending of new timbres. You can even go completely modular and disable the internal normalizations by turning off the “Normal” button.

With its internal normalization, East of Easel makes it incredibly easy to save and build a library of presets. The only four patch cables you need to get started with East of Easel out of the box are connections for gate and v/oct in from your midi controller and connections for delay 1 and delay 2 outputs to your stereo mixer. You can also go completely off the rails and build massive modular feedback patches using the over 150 jacks that provide full access to all of the internal signals of the synthesizer. Nothing is hidden behind the panel.

Nothing is left on the table. The oscillators feature linear and exponential FM as well PWM and wave folding. The low pass gates can be inverted in the mixer to make them high pass filters. The filter can be used as a sine wave oscillator instead of a filter thanks to its variable key tracking. The sequencer and slew can be patched together as a five stage LFO. If you can think of it, East of Easel can do it.

11 ratings
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East of Easel Polyphonic Synthesizer for VCV Rack 2.0

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