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Hot Bunny Collection for VCV Rack 1.0

Hot Bunny will only work with VCV Rack 1.0 and up.

From tempo syncable randoms and wavetable LFOs to uncorrelated, fluctuating random sources, Hot Bunny is the one stop shop for randoms, chaos, and machine composition. All of the included modules are polyphonic and light on CPU for those who build massive modular walls.

The Hot Bunny Collection comes with four unique modules that twist, evolve, and respect the West Coast tradition. 

Hot Bunny is a truly unpredictable source of modulation fit for any place where a little mystery is needed. It is perfect for slowly evolving CV inputs of other modules in your patches.

March Hare, a tempo syncable source of chaos built to sweep parameters in sync with your master clock. It can also be used as a wavetable oscillator as well as a repeating CV sequence with clever patching.

Carrot Patch is a fully modular version of classic Serge and Buchla random sources that can now process any outside source. Think of it as a way to circuit bend all of your favorite oscillators and modulators.

Splitting Hares is a kaleidoscopic modulation modifier. It takes in two sources and mixes them together to generate 8 correlated outputs. Use this to add waveshaping options to static LFOs or generate related sequences from your melodic step sequences - an easy way to add per step modulation to filters and effects!

These four modules have been designed and refined to assist in adding just the right amount of uncertainty when everyone would least expect it.

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Hot Bunny Collection for VCV Rack 1.0

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